Airtame Cloud sends information over the internet. Therefore, extra security measures are taken to ensure no information is ever at risk even though passwords and web URLs are not sent to the cloud.

The Airtame cloud solution is hosted on Amazon Web Services for a secure, reliable and scalable solution. Airtame uses the AWS datacenter in Germany. User account information and passwords are stored on the server and are bcrypt-hashed for maximum security. 

All communication between a user's device, Cloud portal, and Airtame devices are SSL encrypted (HTTPS). Communication between the Airtame device and Cloud Portal uses standard WebSocket communication established by the device.

The information sent about an Airtame device is restricted to non-sensitive information like basic device settings, which means that no passwords are ever sent over the internet.

☝️Under no circumstances does the Airtame solution ever send a stream over the internet.  

"Homescreen" Feature

For those users wanting to use the "Homescreen" feature where one can get an overview of their Airtame's home screens. There are some additional facts to lay out about what happens with the images captured of a device's homescreen:

  • Images are only sent to cloud accounts that have enabled "Homescreen"
  • You can disable sharing images of a devices homescreen per-device.
  • The images are stored in AWS
  • Each Image sent is stored for one minute then deleted permanently


Stored Data

When using the Airtame cloud, some information about your devices will be saved. This information includes:

  • Device Settings (Excluding private passwords, images and web URLs)
  • Device Current Status
  • Timestamps of devices online/offline
  • User behavior on cloud platform
  • Screenshots of Homescreens of devices that have opted-in

☝️ More information about Airtame and security can be found here.

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