• Network Ping Test

A ping test results can tell us:

  1. It tests that communication is possible over your network.
    You will see "Timeout" if there is no possible path between PC and Airtame.

  2. It shows what delay is added to your stream because of your WiFi.
    <10 ms Perfect latency and quality
    10-50 ms A bit of latency and fine quality
    >50 ms Too much latency for live video streaming, expect disconnects
    Healthy packet loss is ≤ 1.0%

  3. The stability of the network.
    If the time fluctuates by more than 3ms then consider adding another access point (AP) to take some of the network load. You can also use an Ethernet adapter or PoE adapter if performance on WiFi is below satisfactory.

Always perform ping tests on your Airtame while it is streaming, this will give you more accurate results. Click here for instructions on how to run a ping test on Windows and macOS.

  • Delay / Latency test

To see how much delay there is between your computer's screen and Airtame's screen, you can take a photo of both screens showing a stopwatch. Follow these steps:

  1. Open google and search for "Stopwatch".

  2. Start the stopwatch.

  3. Start a stream to Airtame.

  4. Take one photo that shows both screens.

  5. Subtract the time difference between the two. 

The expected delay is:

  1. Without audio: 10-400 Milliseconds.

  2. With Audio: 1-2 Seconds.


  • Improve network connection

Use these articles to improve your connection:

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How to prioritize Airtame's network traffic using QoS

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