iOS devices

With Airtame v3.1 you can now fully mirror your iPhone or iPad's screen using the built-in AirPlay functionality of your iOS device.

Once you enable AirPlay through the Airtame app or Airtame Cloud, simply select the Screen Mirroring option from the control center panel on your iOS device and look for the name of your Airtame device listed there. 

Android devices

Currently, you can stream supported files that are locally stored on your Android device, as well as cloud-based content.

You can stream the following:

  • Images: JPEG, PNG
  • Documents*: Word, PDF, Pages, Excel, Numbers, PowerPoint (animations, unfortunately, won't work), Keynote. (*Converted to PDF for streaming)

⚠️ Known Limitations on Android

  1. You can only stream to one Airtame device at a time. 
  2. External SD cards are not supported.
  3. The Dropbox integration is no longer working but you can follow the "Streaming Content from Another App" guide below to stream from the Dropbox app.
  4. Some Android 8 devices, specifically Samsung models do not work properly with the Airtame App showing signs of taking a very long time to connect.

Full Android Mirroring

Files in video formats are not supported yet. We're currently exploring different options for enabling full Android mirroring. 

Here you can download Airtame application:

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