Explanation of different product updates

  • Firmware updates: Update only on the device (Current version: Airtame 1 and Airtame 2 v3.6.1).
  • App updates: The Airtame app running on all supported computers (Current version: v3.4.0 - Windows and macOS only).
  • Cloud updates: Our online cloud platform (learn more).



Want to know what we're currently working on and awesome things to come? Stay tuned here: Airtame roadmap's overview.


Release and changelog: (sorted for latest first)

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Firmware v3.6.1 - Airtame 2 (Released 10th of July,2019) and Airtame 1 (Released 11th of July, 2019)

Issues fixed:

  • A fix related to AirPlay discovery
  • A fix for the font size when editing the overlay in Homescreen

🎯 Airtame 1 release will contain all of the features of 3.6.0 release and fixes.

Firmware v3.6.0 - Airtame 2 (Released 3rd of July,2019) 

🎉 New features:

Entirely new browser for Airtame Homescreen:

  • Video playback support — now you can set URL of video or playlist as a background URL. You can learn more here.
  • Improved security of the browser
  • Animations for website, cloud apps and others have been greatly improved using our GPU
  • After streaming, the pages and layout are reloading faster
  • New "ignoreCertError" option was added to bypass invalid certificates in browser. This would be helpful for the customers that have URLs with invalid certificates (for example, self-signed self-hosted dashboard). Option is available through Airtame Cloud
  • {{WIFI_NAME}} doesn't show ethernet instead of the WiFi SSID. We have now 2 variables {{MAIN_NETWORK_NAME}} and {{WIFI_NAME}}.

❗️Important note: Airtame 2 will likely perform better when displaying video as digital signage in comparison to Airtame 1 due to a more powerful hardware

Issues fixed:

GTK issue fix (DG2 only)

  • Fixed the issue when DG2 would become unreachable because of error in GTK rekeying

Important bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue when Airtame 1 would show spinning arrows when using some monitors
  • Fixed the issue when Airtame 1 in AP mode would disconnect connected computer once in 5 minutes

🔧 Others:

  • Discovery refactoring - improved stability and reliability of discovery protocols
  • Airplay crashes fixed - improved performance of Airplay
  • Temperature statistics added to the log files - nice to know
  • Streaming analytics fixed  - the information is more accurate
  • (Airtame 1 specific) Hotplug event fix - device will not restart browser in case of hotplug events if resolution is the same. This will help with cases when user had infinite spinning arrows with particular monitors and TVs. 

App v3.5.0 (Released May 2019, Chromebook only)

🎉 New features:

  • Chromebook ARM support

Issues fixed:

  • Improved discovery: Added fallback to 1901 if port 1900 is taken.

Firmware v3.5.1 - Airtame 2 (Released April 2019)

  • Support for DFS WiFi channels. 

Firmware v3.5.0 - Airtame 1 and Airtame 2 (Released April 2019)

🎉 New features:

  • Proxy support (Click here to get started)

App v3.4.0 (Released 3rd of April 2019; Windows and macOS only)

🎉 New features:

  • Proxy support (Click here to get started)

Firmware v3.4.1 - Airtame 1 and Airtame 2 (Released March 2019)

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed bug that caused black screen.
  • WiFi power saving mode is off (Airtame 2 only)
  • Airplay crashes improvements

Firmware v3.4.0 - Airtame 1 and 2 (Released January 2019)

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed bug when update could interfere with Airplay stream.
  • Fixed bug when Airtame could eventually become unreachable and only power cycle would help.
  • Fixed bug when streaming stopped showing frames on Airtame, but played sound.
  • Fixed bug when mDNS discovery stopped working after Airtame name change.
  • Fixed bug when application thought that Airtame is busy but it actually is not .
  • Fixed the bug with PIN code not shown sometimes because of heavy image uploaded to Airtame.

🔧 Others:

  • Time and date setting support (still needs support from App side).
  • mDNS discovery supported on FW side (still needs support from App side).
  • Support for a separate TCP Airtame-receiver which will improve Chromebook streaming experience (still needs support from App side).
  • Security improved — Airtame can no longer be joined through SSH with with standard password, pre-shared key is used now to protect Airtame from getting inside.
  • A lot of refactoring and internal changes.

Cloud: (Released January 2019)

🎉 New features: New Homescreen apps Room Overview and Dropbox Gallery available in Beta.

App v3.3.2 (Released December 2018)

Issues fixed:

  • Better support for touch interface (for example Windows Tablet PC's).

Firmware v3.3.1 - Airtame 1 (Released December 2018)

Issues fixed:

  • Device sporadically losing settings after upgrade/reboot.
  • Display manager stuck when loading.
  • Reduced streaming quality after changing device settings resolution.
  • Display manager H1-H3 headers are broken.

🔧 Others:

  • New appearance to Homescreen layout and background theme.
  • General performance and stability improvements.

⚠️ HP released an update for some HP laptops affected by Conexant audio driver issue. Learn more information here.

App: v3.3.1 (Released October 2018)

🎉 New features:

  • Streaming audio from Chromebook is now available under "General releases". More information on Chromebook here.

Issues fixed:

  • Windows installer fixes and improvements.
  • For setting up pre 3.1 FW from latest applications. 
  • Notification window bug fixes.

🔧 Others:

  • Application support for Airtame 2.
  • Setup flow improvements.
  • Design improvements.

App: v3.3.0 (Released August 30th. 2018)

Note: This release is only for Windows, macOS and Linux. The Chromebook version will be released later.

🎉 New features: 

  • "Single Window Sharing" for Windows and macOS. 
  • MSCHAPv2 phase 2 authentication options to Advanced network setup.

Issues fixed:

  • Device Setup falls into fallback step while still connecting to Airtame's AP.
  • Realtek Audio Driver Picture Freeze.

🔧 Others:

  • New App and notification UI design.
  • Timezone input in device settings.

Firmware v3.2.4 (Released August 30th. 2018)

Issues fixed:

  • Error screen for Homescreen apps.
  • Receiver change for Chromebook audio (Note: This is not yet available in the Chromebook app).
  • Restart AirPlay receiver when resolution changes.

Airtame Cloud: Homescreen apps in Public Beta (Released June 26th. 2018)

Firmware v3.2.3 (Released June 22nd. 2018)

🎉 New features: 

  •  Homescreen App support (Will be introduced to Airtame Cloud).

App v3.2.2 (Released June 19th. 2018)

Issues fixed:

  • Streaming from Chrome OS 65 and above is now supported. VP8 has been implemented to fix this.

Firmware v3.2.2 (Released June 19th. 2018)

Issues fixed:

  • Fix: Streaming from Chrome OS 65 and above is now supported. VP8 support has been implemented to the receiver. 
  • Safer logic for Cloud component restarting (now it sleeps instead of spamming ZMQ with retries).

Firmware v3.2.1 (Released May 14th. 2018)

Issues fixed:

  • A possible deadlock, which leaves a device unresponsive.
  • A possible race condition, when streaming while upgrading is possible.

🔧 Others:

  • No web cache for the browser.

App v3.2.0 (Released April 24th. 2018)

🎉 New features: 

  • New device setup flows were added (Ethernet setup flow and setup with ad-hoc network).
  • On Chromebook it’s now possible to stream to multiple screens.

Issues fixed:

  • Dot "." is now allowed in Airtame name.
  • Windows Guest App will no longer try to launch on start and show message about Javascript errors.
  • App would sometimes hang when attempting to quit.
  • App still showing "New device available for setup" even after device is setup.
  • App will no longer open after a successful reconnect (in case the stream has  disconnected unintentionally).
  • Sometimes it was impossible to renew password and change settings on password-protected device.
  • Issue when user cannot apply settings or change password on protected device with no Internet connection.
  • Intercom issue when you could not leave chat.

🔧 Others:

  • When using our MSI version it will now no longer check for updates.

Firmware v3.2.0 (Released March 7th 2018)

🎉 New features: 

  • Homescreen orientation: Show homescreen in vertical/portrait mode OBS: Has to be done through Airtame Cloud and streaming in vertical/portrait is not supported.

Issues fixed:

  • KRACK vulnerability patched.

Cloud: (Released March 7th. 2018)

🎉 New features: 

  • Feature: Screenshot of your Airtame Homescreen. Does not show content when people are streaming. (Feature is optional but enabled by default). Learn how it works and security related information here.
  • Edit homescreen orientation to vertical/portrait. OBS: This is only for the homescreen and not supported for streaming.

Issues fixed:

  • Device status not always being correct.

Cloud: (Released January 10th. 2018)

🎉 New features: 

  • You can now manually set timezone for the device. This will mean showing the right time on a dashboard.

App v3.1.1 (Released January 9th. 2018)

🎉 New features: 

  • Improvement: Electron upgrade from 1.7.9 to 1.7.10. This fixes pixel issue on Linux and crashes on macOS High Sierra.

Issues fixed:

  • (Windows): Windows Server that don’t have the WiFi module (WLANAPI), the App would crash at startup.
  • (macOS) Setup flow will not work for Open Network
  • When closing the lid or computer going the sleep, the application disconnect but also focus. It should not be focusing.

App v3.1.0 (Released December 22nd. 2017)

🎉 New features: 

  • Airplay toggle mode. Learn more here: AirPlay iOS mirroring.
  • Color picker for home screen layout and text. Learn more here.
  • Improvement: Upgrade to electron 1.7.9 (improved update on OS X and tons of other stuff).

Issues fixed:

  • Only one part of the sound icon was clickable to activate audio, now the full icon is clickable.
  • Ubuntu installer was showing the wrong application size (it was showing 156GB instead of 156MB).
  • The email model showing after closing the first intercom conversation through the app would crop the error message if the email in the field was invalid.
  • Diverse style fixes (device name too long, IP hint on two lines, etc…).
  • On macOS, the installation of the audio plugin Soundflower wasn’t working for all cases. Moreover we added extra steps/informations for the user to ensure a higher rate of success.
  • On macOS 10.13, if you install a fresh application, the tray icon was not showing (transparent).
  • Download button (for logs) are still clickable even if they are in downloading state. This gives the ability to the user to spam the device.
  • Cannot disconnect via streaming notification if the user entered something in the search field.

🔧 Others:

  • Application size reduced.
  • Automated for the application are covering around 25% of the code (against 0% before).

Firmware v3.1.0 (Released December 11th 2017)

🎉 New features: 

  • Color picker changes for Home screen overlay and overlay text (FW side only).
  • AirPlay (Disabled by default - learn more here).
  • Feature: Timezone (FW side only).

🔧 Others:

  • Screenshot component.
  • Update cloud component.
  • Stability bug fixes.
  • Stability improvement: Added limitation for memory usage. (To avoid device becoming unresponsive).

Firmware v3.0.1 (Released in November 2017)

Issues fixed:

  • Fix issue with device losing settings.
  • Quarter screen bug fix (Picture only shoving in lower left corner).
  • Stability bugfixes.
  • Hostname bug.

🔧 Others:

  • Improved Homescreen: More Headers + Italics.
  • Increased TTL: This is to help with discovery for multiple networks. 

App v3.0.1 (Released in November 2017)

🎉 New features: 

  • Add the channels for the AP.
  • Close the lid to disconnect feature (Unavailable on Linux).
  • Prevent the computer to use screen saver while streaming.

Issues fixed:

  • Bruteforce fix to avoid wild scrollbars to appear after closing the lid (especially on OSX).
  • Selecting none for discovery would have no impact from the Application.
  • Update Markup for edit text for H1, H2, H3 and italic text (splash screen update is coming as well).
  • On Chromebook the link to setup airtames is now hidden (feature not available on Chromebook).
  • Small fix when the Password protection field would not show the error message.
  • Small fix to display an error if no image selection was made for device background.
  • Update old device from the new application.

🔧 Others:

  • Splash edit text characters number limit is now 500.
  • Some simple copy update.

Airtame app and firmware v3.0.0 (Released October 2017)

Get the full update including video: Airtame 3.0 Simple to set up, easy to use.

Global Device/App:

  • New settings! You can now manage your device in a more reliable way. (.php thread removed).
  • Advanced network setup with TLS/EAP/PSK.
  • The communication with the device on settings can be protected behind password.
  • Splash screen has been completely rebuilt from the ground - New design, less code, more reliable. 

New setup flows:

  • An easy way to setup your device for first use without having to be an expert.
  • "Manual": In case of issues you can still rely on the stable manual flow that will guide you through the process.

On the streaming side:

  • Color and contrast fixes on Windows and OSX.
  • Improved video capture on Linux.
  • Increased the streaming traffic priority (QoS).
  • Audio fixes on Linux.
  • Audio device selection fix for non-English OS language.
  • Fixed network stats in the log files.
  • Many bug fixes.

Device specific:

  • Increased connectivity logs verbosity.
  • mDNS support for discovery; (not on the application yet).
  • Device won’t lose an IP if it’s name is changed.
  • Lots of bugfixes.  

App specific:

  • Cleaner design.
  • Device management inside the app (We removed web based device management access to address security concerns).
  • During the setup flows (manual and 1-click) the app doesn't hide anymore.
  • Fix on the MSI - the --reset-default wasn't resetting.
  • Fix on Linux: The app was crashing when trying to download the logs for the application.
  • Lots of other bugfixes (device state, pincode, list, scrollbars, reconnect, etc...).


  • Bulk Editing. change many device's settings at once.
  • Bulk update and reboot.


App - v2.4.0 (Released May 2017)

Get the full overview here: App 2.4: Introducing our new MSI for Mass Deployment!

  • New MSI installer for Mass Deployment.
  • Auto-reconnect when unintended streaming get disconnected.
  • Improved streaming: Protocol v2 on the streamer side.
  • Mouse cursor fixes on OSX.
  • Windows 7 loading issue fixed.
  • We updated Electron, expecting better performance and fixed for update on OSX.


Firmware v2.3.0 (Released May 2017)

Get the full update here: Firmware 2.3: Solid improvements under the hood.

  • Updated the 3rd party SW to Fedora 25.
  • Ethernet has higher priority than a WiFi connection. No multiple default gateways anymore.
  • More intelligent default resolution selection. Now the device will try to use a resolution, preferred by a TV.
  • Support of the reconnect feature when Pincode is enabled.
  • Hostname bug (an old name was sometimes seen by DHCP servers) is fixed.
  • Changed the A/V playback strategy which fixes some stream freezes cases.
  • Replaced the audio playback backend, fixing various audio playback issues.


App v2.3.0 (Released February 2017)

Get the full overview here: New App 2.3: Introducing less delay in video mode!

  • Connect via DNS: Let's imagine you don't have discovery and IP sounds complicated to you, then just type the name of the device and connect.
  • The buffer in video mode is decreased to 1s (was 2.5 before).
  • In-app chat: You can now chat with our awesome support via Intercom in the application.
  • Streaming rating: After every streaming session, the application will ask you how would you rate your session.
  • [Windows] Autostart is now deactivated for Portable app.
  • If device busy, the application doesn't ask for the pincode anymore.
  • UI: Refined designed for a lighter look.
  • In manual mode, the sound icon is displayed to allow the user to toggle audio.
  • When connecting to IP, the device name and uuid are queried (and the name is displayed in the UI in place of the IP).
  • Search input focus is now fixed (was loosing focus pretty often before).
  • Search input was losing states when widget was hiding, it is not the case anymore.
  • [Chromebook] You are streaming notification (made by the system) is now behaving properly and closes when the stream stop.
  • Fixed crashed when device were slow to be discovered and streaming.
  • Notification window now display right buffer value.
  • [OSX] Fix buffering animation.
  • Error message when device not compatible with application is now displayed.


  • Fix slightly the performance (network change is faster and more reliable and device discovery slightly faster).
  • Fix mix up of IPs in discovery fixed.


Firmware v2.2.0 (Released January 2017)

Get the full overview here: Airtame 2.2: Probably the best streaming ever for professionals

  • Improved streaming: The new shiny receiver.
  • Updated GPU driver. It’s a major update so we expect a lot of stability improvements.
  • Small bugfixes and improvements.


App v2.2.0 (Released December 2016)

Get the full overview here: Introducing the portable app with Airtame 2.2!

  • Fixes a bunch of crashes that in general will improve the feeling of the app.
  • Portable App for Windows computers without administrator rights.
  • Streaming notification.
  • Now you can favourite devices that you use the most.
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