Explanation of different product updates

Firmware: Update only on the device (Current version: 3.8.1).

App: The Airtame app running on all supported computers (Current version: 4.0.0).

Airtame Cloud: Our online cloud platform (learn more).



Want to know what we're currently working on and awesome things to come? Stay tuned here: Airtame roadmap's overview.



macOS Catalina: 

Apple released macOS Catalina on 7th of October. Here is how it affects Airtame application: Airtame application and macOS Catalina

Airtame iOS app and Apple iOS 13:

Airtame iOS app is now fully compatible with Apple iOS 13 (App version 1.4.0)


Release and changelog: (sorted for latest first)

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App v4.0.0  - for Windows, macOS and Linux

New features

  • Full desktop experience.
  • The application no longer hides to tray if focus is lost.
  • The application can be minimised/maximised to/from task bar.
  • The application can be moved around the screen(s).
  • The application can be resized vertically.
  • The application no longer switches from Preferences to Devices list if focus is lost.
  • Replaced SoundFlower kernel extension with Airtame Audio driver for Mac.


  • Cross-VLAN support for mDNS.
  • The application opens minimised on system startup.
  • The application will only show existing devices while searching (better support for connect via IP or DNS name).
  • Use white tray icon on Mac dark mode and Linux.
  • UI changes to streaming notification.
  • UI changes to Setup Flow and Device Settings.

Bug fixes

  • Fix 3.6.1 MSI returning 1603 error code.
  • Fix issue with Windows Guest app looking for new updates.
  • Fix MSI application start on user login if MSI installer was invoked with WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS="/autostart=true".
  • Favourite devices update the IP address on discovery: if Airtame marked as "Favourite" has changed the IP, the user will be able to access it through the app without having to re-favourite it.
  • Fix setup flow configuring WiFi network when ethernet setup was selected: if WiFi configuration was filled-in but then the user navigates back to select another network configuration type (e.g ethernet) the WiFi configuration is no longer sent alongside the new chosen configuration.
  • Fix Pincode not getting focus on touch devices having the keyboard layout in a foreign language (e.g. French).
  • Fix application displaying Pincode view when streaming started: we've had some cases where the application will remain in Pincode state even though the streaming started making it impossible for users to stop streaming.

Firmware version 3.8.1 - Airtame 2 (Released 13th of March, 2020); Airtame 1      (Released 16th of March, 2020);


  • General stability and UX improvements for Airtame Cloud Plus. Learn more

Firmware version 3.8.0 - Airtame 2 (Released 18th of February, 2020); Airtame 1 (Released 24th of February, 2020);

New features:

  • Airtame Cloud Plus. Learn more
  • Playlist: Upload up to 20 different Airtame Cloud apps, URLs or images to loop through different content.
  • Sleep Schedule:  Control when your Airtame should turn on and off the display. It won't control the TV, just the screen content.
  • Google Cast: Share your screen from an Android device or from a Chrome browser. (Only for Airtame 2)

App v3.6.1  - for Windows, macOS and Linux

  • Fix for macOS Catalina to accommodate for new flow for getting screen recording permissions.

App v3.6.0 - for Windows, macOS and Linux

New features:

  • MacOS Catalina flow for approving video recording and microphone access.
  • UI changes of device resolutions in Airtame Settings menu (warnings if current resolution doesn't match the configured resolution and warnings if EDID read failed).

Issues fixed:

  • Improvements to the Airtame app search functionality.
  • Improvements to the streamer module: New WASAPI implementation for Windows (sound capture). 
  • General bug fixes; Mouse cursor drawing for Single Window Sharing on Windows;
  • Single Windows Sharing scaling bug fix.
  • Disable audio button while streaming if Airtame resolution doesn't support audio.
  • Change Ubuntu snap confinement to "strict" so we can publish in Ubuntu store: This means that Linux application won't detect unconfigured/oob devices anymore, but setup will have to be through the manual setup flow.

Important bug fixes

  • Fix the issue when Airtame app sometimes couldn't reconnect to Airtame.
  • Fix for on-screen keyboard not showing up on PIN code on touch devices.
  • Fix for disconnecting the stream when pressing 'Enter' key after filling in the PIN code.
  • Fix for Airtame app moving outside of screen after streaming.
  • Fix duplicated entries in Windows Program and Features for the Airtame App.

Firmware version 3.7.1 - Airtame 2 (Released 1st of October, 2019); Airtame 1 (Released 2nd of October, 2019);

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed an issue when Airtame would show black screen if streamed to from iOS or Android application.
  • Fixed an issue when iOS or Android application could not stream to Airtame more than two times in a row. 

Firmware version 3.7.0 - For both Airtame 2 and Airtame 1 (Released 24th of September, 2019);

New features:

  • LED Status indications for different states of Airtame 2 (Airtame 2 only)

Issues fixed:

  • Airtame password-protected AP will no longer initiate WPS PIN code prompt for Windows machines
  • Fixed the issue where Airtame could not connect to access point with special symbols in the name,
  • Overlay character limit was increased to 2000 now
  • Airtame will no longer allow to set unsupported resolution (e.g. 4k)
  • Airtame will no longer prioritize Ethernet adapter with no IP address as default gateway

Firmware v3.6.3 - For both Airtame 2 and Airtame 1 (Released 27th of August, 2019);

Issues fixed:

  • We've fixed a bug related to using AirPlay to cast YouTube videos (relevant for both Airtame 1 and 2).
  • We've fixed audio streaming for non-CEA modes (relevant for Airtame 2 only). 

Firmware v3.6.2 - Airtame 2 (Released 12th of August, 2019); Airtame 1 (Released 19th of August)

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed issue when Airtame could not be streamed to in some cases (especially if it had a heavy website in the background)
  • Fixed not working bold HTML tags in overlay text
  • Fixed an issue when Airtame browser would not correctly work with particular timezones (for example, AEST)
  • Fixed an issue when websites using linear-gradient CSS property would render incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue when sometimes browser would show a white-screen instead of content
  • Fixed {{DEVICE_WIFI_IP}} and {{DEVICE_ETHERNET_IP}} options that did not work correctly

App v3.5.1 (Windows and macOS released July '19 | ChromeOS released Aug '19)

New features:

  • mDNS discovery support on Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS.
  • Application now automatically sets time and date to Airtame during the setup. It will help Airtame devices that have no NTP connection to connect to the Airtame Cloud

Issues fixed:

  • Soundflower rework. Improved installation logic, to accommodate macOS security
  • Manual mode rework. Only the next streaming session will be in manual mode now. If you want to always stream in manual mode, there is a trigger for that.
  • Linux improvements. Application will install from snap package and is now available on the Snap Store

Important bug fixes

  • Windows update now handles UAC requests properly
  • Fixed SSDP issues when other service would get hold of port 1900
  • Fixed a bug when stale out-of-the-box devices were not removed from Airtame device list
  • Fixed a bug when launch on start worked only after second reboot on Windows
  • Guest application will now only ask for Firewall permissions once
  • Fixed a bug when it was impossible to re-setup encrypted device via manual setup flow
  • Fixed a bug when 2.4 network sometime would not show in the networks list if there is 5.2 network with the same name


  • SSDP packets TTL value is now 255. Should make it easier to send discovery packets across multiple VLANs
  • "Ignore certificate error" option was added to settings. If you have internal dashboard with insecure certificate set as digital signage, new Airtame browser won't show it because of security settings. To bypass, use the option in the settings.

Firmware v3.6.1 - Airtame 2 (Released 10th of July,2019) and Airtame 1 (Released 11th of July, 2019)

Issues fixed:

  • A fix related to AirPlay discovery
  • A fix for the font size when editing the overlay in Homescreen app

Airtame 1 release will contain all of the features of 3.6.0 release and fixes.

Firmware v3.6.0 - Airtame 2 (Released 3rd of July,2019) 

New features:

Entirely new browser for Airtame Digital Signage features:

  • Video playback support — now you can set URL of video or playlist as a background URL. You can learn more here.
  • Improved security of the browser
  • Animations for website, cloud apps and others have been greatly improved using our GPU
  • After streaming, the pages and layout are reloading faster
  • New "ignoreCertError" option was added to bypass invalid certificates in browser. This would be helpful for the customers that have URLs with invalid certificates (for example, self-signed self-hosted dashboard). Option is available through Airtame Cloud
  • {{WIFI_NAME}} doesn't show ethernet instead of the WiFi SSID. We have now 2 variables {{MAIN_NETWORK_NAME}} and {{WIFI_NAME}}.

❗️Important note: Airtame 2 will likely perform better when displaying video as digital signage in comparison to Airtame 1 due to a more powerful hardware.

Issues fixed:

GTK issue fix (DG2 only)

  • Fixed the issue when DG2 would become unreachable because of error in GTK rekeying

Important bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue when Airtame 1 would show spinning arrows when using some monitors
  • Fixed the issue when Airtame 1 in AP mode would disconnect connected computer once in 5 minutes


  • Discovery refactoring - improved stability and reliability of discovery protocols
  • Airplay crashes fixed - improved performance of Airplay
  • Temperature statistics added to the log files - nice to know
  • Streaming analytics fixed  - the information is more accurate
  • (Airtame 1 specific) Hotplug event fix - device will not restart browser in case of hotplug events if resolution is the same. This will help with cases when user had infinite spinning arrows with particular monitors and TVs. 

App v3.5.0 (Released May 2019, Chromebook only)

New features:

  • Chromebook ARM support

Issues fixed:

  • Improved discovery: Added fallback to 1901 if port 1900 is taken.

Firmware v3.5.1 - Airtame 2 (Released April 2019)

  • Support for DFS WiFi channels. 

Firmware v3.5.0 - Airtame 1 and Airtame 2 (Released April 2019)

New features:

  • Proxy support (Click here to get started)

App v3.4.0 (Released 3rd of April 2019; Windows and macOS only)

New features:

  • Proxy support (Click here to get started)

Firmware v3.4.1 - Airtame 1 and Airtame 2 (Released March 2019)

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed bug that caused black screen.
  • WiFi power saving mode is off (Airtame 2 only)
  • Airplay crashes improvements

Firmware v3.4.0 - Airtame 1 and 2 (Released January 2019)

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed bug when update could interfere with Airplay stream.
  • Fixed bug when Airtame could eventually become unreachable and only power cycle would help.
  • Fixed bug when streaming stopped showing frames on Airtame, but played sound.
  • Fixed bug when mDNS discovery stopped working after Airtame name change.
  • Fixed bug when application thought that Airtame is busy but it actually is not .
  • Fixed the bug with PIN code not shown sometimes because of heavy image uploaded to Airtame.


  • Time and date setting support (still needs support from App side).
  • mDNS discovery supported on FW side (still needs support from App side).
  • Support for a separate TCP Airtame-receiver which will improve Chromebook streaming experience (still needs support from App side).
  • Security improved — Airtame can no longer be joined through SSH with with standard password, pre-shared key is used now to protect Airtame from getting inside.
  • A lot of refactoring and internal changes.

Cloud: (Released January 2019)

New features: New Digital signage apps Room Overview and Dropbox Gallery available in Beta.

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