Explanation of different product updates

Firmware: Update only on the device (current version: 4.1.0 for Airtame 2 & Airtame 1).

App: The Airtame app running on all supported computers (current version: 4.1.1).

Airtame Cloud: Our online cloud platform. Learn more.

Release and changelog: (sorted by latest first)

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Firmware version 4.1.0 - Airtame 2 (released 28th of September 2020); Airtame 1 (released 12th of October 2020)

New features

  • Support for CEC, Miracast over Infrastructure and Miracast Touchback (for Airtame 2 only)
  • New markdown variable in the overlay guide text: (AP_NAME).

App v4.1.1 - for Windows, macOS and Linux (released 17th of August 2020)


  • Allow analytics to use system proxy.
  • Improve the analytics retry mechanism (in case an analytics event failed to be sent).

Bug fixes

  • Fix for the missing tray icon on Windows when dark mode is enabled for applications.
  • Fix for the app getting stuck in the Setup Flow when trying to connect to a device.

Firmware version 4.0.0 - Airtame 2 (released 23rd of July 2020); Airtame 1 (released 1st of September 2020)


  • Vimeo signage bug fixed.
  • Smaller technical fixes.

App v4.1.0 - for Windows, macOS and Linux (released 30th of June 2020)

New features

  • Additional security step during setup flow: users can choose to set a password for the Airtame's Access Point and its settings during the setup flow. They can skip the step and configure this later, if they wish.
  • Do Not Disturb functionality on macOS while streaming: users can opt-out of this functionality in the Preferences menu fo the App.


  • Search results have been improved to better match multiple search terms.
  • UI and text changes for the "Not able to find this device" screen.
  • UI and text changes for the setup flow confirmation step.

Bug fixes

  • MSI starting at system startup even though the installer was invoked with WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS="/autostart=false".
  • Setup flow logic sometimes not recognising it has successfully connected to the Airtame device.
  • Setup flow failing on non-English OS versions.
  • Non-admin macOS users failing to start the application.
  • Broken UI when window picking fails because the window cannot be shared (for instance Task Manager window).

Firmware version 3.9.2 - Airtame 2 (released 10th of June 2020); Airtame 1 (released 22nd of June 2020)

New features:

  • Moderator tool — makes it possible to stop a stream from the Airtame Cloud platform.

Issues fixed:

  • Issue when Airtame's standby timer would start when it shouldn't.
  • Smaller bugs related to the Moderator tool.

App v4.0.1 - for Windows, macOS and Linux (released 12th of May 2020)

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed expired signing certificate on Windows app.

Firmware version 3.9.1 - Airtame 2 only (released 14th of April 2020)

Issues fixed:

  • 802.1X authentication issues.
  • Flooding RADIUS servers with a lot of auth-deauth loop events when EAP-TLS is used.

Firmware version 3.9.0 - Airtame 2 (released 15th of April 2020); Airtame 1 (released 20th of April 2020)

New features:

  • Miracast streaming functionality from Windows and Android devices to Airtame (Airtame 2 only):

    - No need to install the Airtame application.
    - Stream without being on the same network.
    - Fully mirror from Android with audio on all major Android devices.
    - Use Airtame to extend your desktop on a separate display.

Issues fixed:

  • It is now possible to connect to an SSID with trailing whitespace in the name.

App v4.0.0 - for Windows, macOS and Linux (released 24th of March 2020)

New features

  • The application can be minimised/maximised to/from task bar, moved around the screen(s) and resized vertically.
  • SoundFlower kernel extension was replaced with Airtame Audio driver for Mac.


  • Cross-VLAN support for mDNS.
  • The application opens minimised on system startup.
  • The application will only show existing devices while searching (better support for connect via IP or DNS name).
  • Use white tray icon on Mac dark mode and Linux.
  • UI changes to streaming notification.
  • UI changes to Setup Flow and Device Settings.

Issues fixed

  • 3.6.1 MSI returning 1603 error code.
  • Windows Guest app looking for new updates.
  • MSI application start on user login if MSI installer was invoked with WRAPPED_ARGUMENTS="/autostart=true".
  • Favourite devices update the IP address on discovery: if Airtame marked as "Favourite" has changed the IP, the user will be able to access it through the app without having to re-favourite it.
  • Setup flow configuring WiFi network when ethernet setup was selected.
  • Pincode not getting focus on touch devices having the keyboard layout in a foreign language (e.g. French).

Firmware version 3.8.1 - Airtame 2 (released 13th of March 2020); Airtame 1      (released 16th of March 2020);


  • General stability and UX improvements for Airtame Cloud Plus. Learn more

Firmware version 3.8.0 - Airtame 2 (released 18th of February 2020); Airtame 1 (released 24th of February 2020);

New features:

  • Airtame Cloud Plus. Learn more
  • Playlist: Upload up to 20 different Airtame Cloud apps, URLs or images to loop through different content.
  • Sleep Schedule: Control when your Airtame should turn on and off the display. It won't control the TV, just the screen content.
  • Google Cast: Share your screen from an Android device or from a Chrome browser. (Only for Airtame 2).

App v3.6.1  - for Windows, macOS and Linux (released 26th of November 2019)

  • Fix for macOS Catalina to accommodate for new flow for getting screen recording permissions.

App v3.6.0 - for Windows, macOS and Linux (released 14th of November 2019)

New features:

  • MacOS Catalina flow for approving video recording and microphone access.
  • UI changes of device resolutions in Airtame Settings menu (warnings if current resolution doesn't match the configured resolution and warnings if EDID read failed).

Issues fixed:

  • Improvements to the Airtame app search functionality.
  • Improvements to the streamer module: New WASAPI implementation for Windows (sound capture). 
  • General bug fixes; Mouse cursor drawing for Single Window Sharing on Windows;
  • Single Windows Sharing scaling bug fix.
  • Disable audio button while streaming if Airtame resolution doesn't support audio.
  • Change Ubuntu snap confinement to "strict" so we can publish in Ubuntu store: This means that Linux application won't detect unconfigured/oob devices anymore, but setup will have to be through the manual setup flow.

Important bug fixes

  • Fix the issue when Airtame app sometimes couldn't reconnect to Airtame.
  • Fix for on-screen keyboard not showing up on PIN code on touch devices.
  • Fix for disconnecting the stream when pressing 'Enter' key after filling in the PIN code.
  • Fix for Airtame app moving outside of screen after streaming.
  • Fix duplicated entries in Windows Program and Features for the Airtame App.

Firmware version 3.7.1 - Airtame 2 (released 1st of October 2019); Airtame 1 (released 2nd of October 2019);

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed an issue when Airtame would show black screen if streamed to from iOS or Android application.
  • Fixed an issue when iOS or Android application could not stream to Airtame more than two times in a row. 

Firmware version 3.7.0 - For both Airtame 2 and Airtame 1 (released 24th of September 2019);

New features:

  • LED Status indications for different states of Airtame 2 (Airtame 2 only).

Issues fixed:

  • Airtame password-protected AP will no longer initiate WPS PIN code prompt for Windows machines.
  • Fixed the issue where Airtame could not connect to access point with special symbols in the name.
  • Overlay character limit was increased to 2000 now.
  • Airtame will no longer allow to set unsupported resolution (e.g. 4k).
  • Airtame will no longer prioritize Ethernet adapter with no IP address as default gateway.

Firmware v3.6.3 - For both Airtame 2 and Airtame 1 (released 27th of August 2019);

Issues fixed:

  • We've fixed a bug related to using AirPlay to cast YouTube videos (relevant for both Airtame 1 and 2).
  • We've fixed audio streaming for non-CEA modes (relevant for Airtame 2 only). 

Firmware v3.6.2 - Airtame 2 (released 12th of August 2019); Airtame 1 (released 19th of August 2019)

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed issue when Airtame could not be streamed to in some cases (especially if it had a heavy website in the background).
  • Fixed not working bold HTML tags in overlay text.
  • Fixed an issue when Airtame browser would not correctly work with particular timezones (for example, AEST).
  • Fixed an issue when websites using linear-gradient CSS property would render incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue when sometimes browser would show a white-screen instead of content.
  • Fixed {{DEVICE_WIFI_IP}} and {{DEVICE_ETHERNET_IP}} options that did not work correctly.

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