What you can do now:

Using our Android app, you can present static files like images.

  • Images: JPEG, PNG
  • Documents*: Word, PDF, Pages, Excel, Numbers, Powerpoint, Keynote. (*Converted to PDF for streaming)

Find instructions and limitations here: Present to Airtame using Android devices


The future of Airtame and Android

Google Cast in public beta

We will be implementing Google Cast powered by AirServer which allows you to fully mirror your Android device. 

Status: Currently available in public beta for Airtame 2: 

Note: Google Cast will only be available on Airtame 2 and not for Airtame 1. For Airtame 1 you will have to use our Android Presenter app. 

Airtame and Miracast

You can learn more about Airtame and Miracast here.

Airtame and Android app

We will keep our Android Presenter app for now but both Google Cast and Miracast will unlock a better streaming experience.


How to stay tuned

You can write us using the chat or send an email to hello@airtame.com and we will note your request.

You can also sign up for product updates here: https://airtame.com/email/email-preferences/

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