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In the following article you can learn more about recent improvements to Airtame Cloud, as well as what's currently in the pipeline for future releases. 

You can find out more at these links: 


Latest releases:

🔁 Websites: Pare reload interval. Set internal for when website should refresh page.  

👨🏻‍🔧 User roles: Configure user roles and permissions to allow, for example, specific access to certain groups of Airtames. 

🔗 Homescreen apps:

  • Room Overview: Lets you display a schedule of the day's meetings and events on an Airtame-equipped screen.
  • Dropbox Gallery: Lets you show your own pictures on a loop (and select the transition interval them) on your Airtame screen(s).  

Get an overview of all currently available apps: Airtame Cloud: Apps



Do you have ideas or requests for app you would like Airtame Homescreen to integrate with? Please let us know in the chat or fill out this survey 


What's to come.

Please note: Some of our future developments will only be available as part of a subscription-based plan which is expected to be launched during 2020.

🔗 More Homescreen apps:

  • Schedule changes: Perform scheduled changes or actions to Airtame like rebooting or updating devices during the night.
  • Power saving mode: Airtame to disable the HDMI output which will let your screen go to sleep-mode
  • Login to Websites and dashboards: Use Airtame with Dashboards that requires login.

For insight to further development and Airtame Cloud as a paid platform, please reach out on chat or to

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