Now that you have successfully installed Airtame in your organization, the next step is to make sure that people actually use it!

Helping everyone get comfortable with Airtame may not be a one-off task, but it’s important to start somewhere. Whoever will be using this technology regularly should probably be the first group to focus on. Initial training can be done in a variety of ways, such as:

Whatever you choose, Airtame’s own support team will also be available to help new users make the most of Airtame. Please find all contact options at the bottom of this article.

What’s important to know?

What is Airtame?

Airtame is a wireless presentation solution that lets you mirror content from your computer or mobile device to a TV, projector, or monitor. You can choose to mirror the full screen of your device, or a specific window (e.g. a single image, document, or web browser). If you are presenting from a computer, you can even mirror the same content to multiple Airtame-equipped screens simultaneously. This is especially useful when addressing a group in a large space that has more than one television or projector. 

In addition to letting people present without cables, Airtame is also a digital signage solution that lets you display a website, image, or app on your Airtame-equipped displays when they’re not in use. 

How do you use Airtame for presentations? 

People most often use the Airtame application on their laptop. With just a click, the app lets you mirror your full laptop screen or share a specific document, app, or browser to an Airtame-equipped screen. 

When it comes to how Airtame works when presenting from a computer, the Airtame application looks pretty much the same on different operating systems. That said, there are different versions of the application for the following:

  • For Windows, there is the choice between:

1) the “standard” Airtame application 

2) the MSI version for deploying the app within your organization and 

3) a portable version for guests who want to “run” the app during a presentation without needing installation or admin rights (the guest app can be stored on a USB). 

The Windows version of the Airtame app looks the same on Linux and macOS. 

  • For Linux, Airtame officially supports Ubuntu. If people in your organization are on different versions of Linux, please take a look at this installation guide
  • For macOS, a regular user should install the Airtame application, while a guest presenter doesn’t necessarily have to do so because of how the app works on macOS (i.e. they can just “run” it without installing). If someone still wants to be able to present from a Mac without an app, it’s possible to use AirPlay. Please keep in mind though that the Airtame app for macOS is generally more reliable than AirPlay.
  • For Chromebook, presenting looks slightly different (e.g. instead of “Share window” you have the “Share tab” option in the app). When it comes to playing sound from a Chromebook, a 2-second buffer is generated between the computer and Airtame-equipped screen. Please note that setting up an Airtame device is not possible from the Chromebook app.

When it comes to mobile devices:

  • For iOS, there is a specific Airtame application that can be downloaded from the app store on an iPhone or iPad. The Airtame app lets you mirror an image, PDF, or a similar document that’s saved to your Dropbox account. If you prefer to mirror the full screen of an iOS device, you can use AirPlay, provided that your network setup allows it. 
  • For Android, the Airtame application available supports sharing of static content (images and PDFs). The possibilities are therefore more limited, as full screen mirroring to Airtame is not yet possible with Android devices. 

What is Airtame Cloud? 

Airtame Cloud is an online device management platform that lets you check up on and make changes to your Airtame devices from a remote location. 

Check out this page for steps on setting up an account. Once an account is set up, the account owner can invite colleagues to join. You can opt to delegate different levels of access as you see fit (e.g. letting certain users edit digital signage but no additional features). 

Here are the types of access available in the cloud:

  • Owner: The account owner is able to access everything and anything in the cloud. The owner also has the exclusive right to pass ownership on to someone else, or even delete the account. 
  • Administrator: This role gives full access to all functionality of Airtame Cloud, including being able to invite new users and edit the roles of all account members. An administrator cannot, however, delete account members. 
  • Manager: This gives full access to devices’ settings for specified groups of devices. Managers cannot invite new members, assign roles or create new groups of devices.
  • User: A user has access to the "Homescreen" tab only. Regular users cannot invite new members, and they do not have access to the “Devices” tab.

How do you use Airtame for digital signage?

If you want to quickly save a website URL or an image to be displayed on the Airtame-equipped TV, projector, or monitor when no one is using it, this can be done through the device settings (accessible when using the Airtame application on a computer). 

As not every user should have access to changing the content saved on Airtame-equipped screens, you will most likely want to set a password to the settings of each device. You can then choose to share the password with the person or people who should have access (e.g. a teacher who wants to regularly change what’s shown on the screen in their classroom). 

When you are logged in to your Airtame Cloud account, the digital signage options go beyond public URLs and images to include apps such as Trello, Google Slides, World Clock, Room Overview, and Dropbox Gallery

What if you need help?

Let people know that they can:

  • Download the app prior to a meeting 
  • Reach out to your organization's on-site technical support (if this is available)
  • Send an email to with a question or comment
  • Click on the blue chat bubble in the bottom righthand corner of this page to start a conversation (the chat function is also available on Airtame’s website)
  • Use the help center articles to find instructions for using Airtame and troubleshooting 
  • In order to help you get your organization fully up and running with Airtame, we also offer onboarding calls
  • Give Airtame support a call at: 

+45 89 87 07 45 / 9.30am - 3.30pm CET (our Copenhagen office), or

+1 888 832 8938 / 9.30am - 4.00pm EST (our New York office).

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