Playing movies with Airtame

Airtame is a device that is capable of streaming video files from your computer to an external screen. You can see more information here: Audio & video streaming

However, various factors need to be considered. If streaming movies from Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. is the main use-case, perhaps, Airtame is not the right device. It is designed for business/education-oriented environments where the main focus is presentations, occasional videos, and similar use-cases related to meetings and classes. In case watching movies is the main use case, there are other devices that can do this more conveniently. 

Airtame to run a video as digital signage

If you want Airtame to present a video or several videos in a loop, this can be done by configuring Airtame to present a URL as background. 

Learn how to do this: How to use Airtame as video signage

Using Airtame with a game console

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use Airtame with game consoles.

The reason for that is the way streaming works with Airtame. We use the Airtame app/Airplay/Miracast/Google Cast to capture the contents of your screen and the Airtame device to receive the information and show it on the TV/projector screen.

With that said, the Airtame app/Airplay/Miracast/Google Cast can be installed/found on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, or Android, but not on PlayStation or Xbox.

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