Deployment Validation Checklist

This checklist will let you test and validate your Airtame setup to ensure best possible experience and readiness for roll-out

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Installation and Powering: 

  • If powered by a TV/Projector: The USB provides at least 1Amp.
  • Router placed less than 30 feet (10 m) away from Airtame
  • Fewer than two walls between your Router/AP and Airtame

Airtame fully integrated into your network:  

  • Choose the best WiFi: Use 5GHz over 2.4GHz
  • Signal RSSI value > -60dbm on 5Ghz or -50dBm on 2.4Ghz (Visible on Airtame Cloud)
  • Ping test is stable and preferable below 10ms and at least below 50ms
  • Disable unused "hotspot" Access Points on Airtame to minimize WiFi interference
  • Setup inter-VLAN routing from all intended VLANs to Airtame's VLAN. 
  • Have required network ports open
  • Discovery is working: Available devices are showing up in the app automatically
  • Optional: AirPlay enabled and showing on your iOS device
  • All devices added to Airtame Cloud

Test streaming and calibrate the display

  • Check if updates are available for both your Airtame device and app.
  • Stream from desired devices. We recommend streaming for a longer period to ensure stability.
  • Stream with audio to confirm it is working correctly.
  • Optional: Stream using AirPlay from iOS devices.
  • Adjust screen settings: Reduce contrast until all the lines in a spreadsheet are visible (Often around 70-80% of max value).
  • Clear text: Reduce sharpen until the text looks good and is easy to read (Often 0-20% of maximum).
  • Disable overscan to avoid a cropped picture.
  • Optional: Avoid black bars by changing the aspect ratio on your Computer to match the TV (16:9) or Projector (16:10).

Software deployment

  • Users can download and install the app from
  • Deploy the Airtame MSI to all company computers
  • Make sure guests and users without admin rights can get the Windows Guest app
  • Users know how to use necessary steps (streaming and audio mode)

Additional useful steps:

  • Customize the Homescreen background to brand your organization.
  • Customize the Homescreen Overlay Text with relevant information or detailed steps for users to stream.
  • Use our customizable and printable guides. Download Here
  • Airtame is placed secured to avoid theft.
  • For larger roll-outs: Have at least one Airtame and Computer on latest beta to stay on top of changes and ensure stability. 
  • Send device log files to evaluate your setup
  • Take a call with Airtame to clear up any questions or doubts

️▶️ If you would like to download a PDF of following deployment guide, click here for Airtame 1 and here for Airtame 2

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