🎯 Airtame 2 is powered by approx. 2.5 Amps via the provided power adapter
🎯 Airtame 2 cannot be powered via USB port
🎯 To extend the Aircord, the Airtame Infinity Cable must be used
🎯 HDMI adapters can be used to convert the cable to VGA, DVI & DP

Powering Airtame

🎯 Use only the provided power adapter.
🎯 Aircable can not be extended to provide additional length, the Airtame Infinity cable must be used.
🎯Airtame 2 is compatible with the Airtame PoE Adapter.

How to assemble the AC power adapter

Airtame comes with a US power adapter which can be adapted with EU, UK and AUS plugs. To connect the plug of your choice, follow these steps:

  1. Take the power adapter and socket of your choice
  2. Slide the socket over the prongs of the power adapter

How to use Airtame with PoE

Airtame 2 has a compatible PoE accessory (will be sold separately) that replaces the power adapter. You will soon be able to purchase Airtame's own PoE solution.Β 

Mounting Airtame

Airtame 2 provides flexible mounting options for permanent and non-permanent installations. When choosing a spot, remember to:

  1. Place the Airtame as close to the line of sight with the nearest AP as possible.
  2. Place Airtame within 50 feet of an AP.
  3. Use an HDMI-in that is in the direction of the nearest AP.
  4. Try to avoid placing Airtame 2 behind WiFi blockers like the TV or furniture.
  5. Hide the cabling out of sight by using the adhesive strip.

Permanent vs non-permanent

  • Permanent installations: use the adhesive strips of the wall mount and Aircable to permanently fix the Airtame 2 to the TV, projector or the wall beside it.
  • Non-permanent installations: use only the magnetism of the wall mount to fix the Airtame to a metallic part of the TV or projector. Remember to leave the red seal on the adhesive pads.

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