Key facts

🎯 Airtame 2 has a USB-C port for power and HDMI (Aircord is required).
🎯 The LED-light has different messages.
🎯 Airtame can be reset by a 10-second-long press of the button on the device.
🎯 Airtame cannot overheat with normal use.

What's in the box? 

The LED light

Airtame has a white LED to communicate its status:

  1. Light off: Device cannot boot or has the LED turned off
  2. Heartbeat: Device Booting up
  3. Constant Red: Device failed to boot into Linux (corrupted partition)
  4. Constant white, half brightness: Device on and ready for use

The only button

Airtame's only button is located on the side of the device and it has 2 functions.

Factory reset (10-seconds)

Press and hold the button of the Airtame for at least 10 seconds, and release when the LED light starts flashing quickly.

Disconnect/Dual AP mode (3-seconds)

If you have lost access to the device, you can re-enable its WiFi hotspot by holding the button down for 3 seconds.

Airtame's lock slot

Airtame 2 is compatible with Kensington™ locks so you can now fasten and lock your Airtame to prevent it being stolen.

Airtame 2 can get hot

Airtame 2 is a "fan-less" computer packed in a tiny package. It has been built and programmed to deal with the heat and protect itself if it gets too hot. Some tasks, like heavily animated dashboards, can require a lot of processing power, and thus generate additional heat that may cause your Airtame to lower its performance to keep the tasks running.

Our developers have done extensive performance tests during development of the thermal construction. Tests have shown that the Airtame 2 can handle very high internal temperatures before it lowers its performance. To cool down it moves the heat out to the surfaces where the heat slowly dissipates. This means the surface temperature can get hot to touch

  • It is OK if the Airtame 2 gets warm (hot to touch), its smart, has built-in temperature sensors and is able to control and regulate itself to ensure stability.
  • If for some reason, the Airtame 2 gets too warm (e.g. it malfunctions or sits on top of a very hot surface - like the heat outtake of a projector) it will shut off by itself to prevent damage to its components.
  • The heat created by the Airtame 2 will not cause the magnet inside the magnetic wall mount to demagnetize or cause the adhesive on the magnetic wall mount to soften or in other ways cause the device to fall off the wall.
  • The Airtame 2 has been thoroughly tested during development both in-house and with our development partners and is within the legal limits for how hot plastic is allowed to get - even when tested in its worst possible thermal state. We have also passed safety testing at our certified lab partners.

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