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Subject: “Here we can present wirelessly”


Hi [Guest name]!

No more cables in our meeting rooms! 

Thanks to Airtame, in our office we can now wirelessly present the content from our computers or mobile devices onto the TVs and projectors in the meeting rooms.

For your next meeting you can download the portable app and follow the next steps:

  1. Download the app here:
  2. Make sure you are connected to [insert WiFi name here]
  3. In the app, find the name displayed on the TV and click "Share screen"

For any problems or feedback

  1. Write the Airtame support team by going to the app settings.
  2. Check out this Streaming with Airtame video.
  3. Or send an email to your IT department. For example: (it@yourcompany .com)

Learn more

To see other interesting things you can do with Airtame, click here: Using Airtame. It’s a good source of information you might find handy. 

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