The website application, accessible in your Airtame Cloud account, will allow you to display a public URL on your Airtame's Homescreen. Additional features include the periodic refreshing of your configured URL. 

How to set it up:

  1. Enable Homescreen view on your account
  2. Select the device/devices that you want to show the Website app on
  3. Click on "Switch app"
  4. Select "Website"
  5. Enter the URL you want to display and choose a reload interval (this feature works with https websites only)
  6. Click "Save" and "Apply settings"

✋ Current limitations

Airtame's background web browser cannot show all website content. Additionally, please keep in mind that Airtame loads URL in iFrame. The following content cannot be displayed on the web browser:

  • Video playback
  • Java, Flash, Silverlight, WebGL
  • Sites that require login, such as Facebook (as there is no current way to input login credentials)
  • Animations

If you have any questions please reach out to us via the chat icon on this page, or via email at

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