Current status

We already support streaming from Chromebook. In the following article you can read more about:

  • How to stream from a Chromebook.
  • Expected performance and requirements.
  • Current limitations.

Recent updates

  • Automatically reconnect stream if unintended disconnects.
  • Implementation of VP8 which is Chromebook's native streaming protocol and therefore allows for better long term support.
  • Streaming to multiple Airtames from one Chromebook.
  • Streaming with audio.

What's to come

Here are major things we will be working on related to Chromebook:

Support Chromebooks with ARM processors

  • Status: Currently in Beta
  • Expected release: Public beta in April-May and General availability release during Q2, 2019.

⚠️Please note that the overall performance and streaming experience highly depends on the hardware of the Chromebook. 

Would you like to stay updated?

For staying in up-to-date with our latest development and improvements, please use the chat in the lower right corner.
We will make sure to notify you whenever we move closer to both beta testing and the public release. 

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