Current status

You can already set an URL on your Airtame and use it for Digital Signage

What's to come

Here are some of the major things we will be working on:

🔁 Playlist: Rotate/loop between multiple URLs or images. (For Airtame Cloud)

Feature explained: Create simple slideshows or have the Homescreen loop between multiple URLs.

Considerations: Having Airtame loop between multiple dashboards will increase the memory use of the device which will affect the stability and performance which is why we will be careful with developing this. 

📹Video and audio support

Feature explained: Display video content with audio playback as a dashboard on your Airtame

Considerations: This will put significant pressure on Airtame hardware and therefore needs to be thoroughly investigated and tested. 

👩🏽‍💻More app integrations to use via Airtame cloud

Feature explained: You can use multiple apps that integrate via Airtame cloud for digital signage. We are working on more (for example Youtube app)

💡Do you have ideas or requests for app you would like Airtame Homescreen to integrate with? Please let us know in the Live chat or at


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