Airtame Cloud is a handy tool for managing Airtame devices and the content of their screens, but it's reasonable that different people should have different limits for what they can change (e.g. a teacher may want to have access to change the image shown in their classroom, while not needing access to the rest of the settings). Assigning user roles is a way to effectively manager such permissions, giving administrators control over what changes certain users can make, as well as, the groups of devices they are able to see.


Types of user roles:

  • Owner: This is not a selectable role. There can only be one owner of an organization who holds exclusive rights to delete the organization account, once all other users have been deleted, as well as the ability to move account ownership to someone else.
  • Administrator: This role gives full access to all functionality of Airtame Cloud, including being able to invite new users and edit  user roles.
    An administrator can't delete users.
  • Manager: Full access to device settings for specified groups. Managers cannot invite other users, assign user roles or create new groups.
  • User: Access to the Homescreen tab only. Regular users cannot invite other users or access the devices tab.

Changing the organization owner:

Only the organization owner can hand over the ownership to another user. If the account owner has left without handing over owenership, please reach out to Airtame support on live chat or and request to have the ownership changed. You will need to provide the email of the existing owner and the email for the desired new owner.  

To edit user roles:

  1. Click on the "TEAM" tab in your cloud account
  2. Select user(s) and click "Edit user"
  3. Choose user role: Administrator, Manager, or User
  4. Choose group permissions: "All groups" or "Select specific groups" (refers to which Airtame devices the person can view)
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