Use the PowerPoint integration to show a PPTX presentation stored on your OneDrive account.

Main benefits

Using the integration you do not have to "Publish to the web...". meaning your presentation will not be made publicly available and can now stay private.

Prerequisites: This is a paid feature. The Airtame device must have a seat in our Airtame Cloud Plus plan. Learn more.

How to set it up

  1. Log into your Airtame Cloud account.

  2. Go to the Screens tab.

  3. Select one or multiple screens.

  4. Click Edit settings.

  5. Select an app, Add or click on the X to replace the current one.

  6. Choose the PowerPoint app.

  7. Log in to your OneDrive account.

  8. Select a slideshow and choose a time interval to show each slide.

  9. Save and Apply changes.


  • The PowerPoint app requires the user authenticating to have a OneDrive license.

  • When setting up the PowerPoint app, the user might be asked to grant permission to the Airtame Cloud. This permission requires Admin consent for Microsoft, meaning that an Admin in your Microsoft organization has to approve this Airtame Cloud app.

    This can be done in two ways:

    1. When an Admin tries to configure the PowerPoint app for the first time, on the authentication screen, the Admin can also approve it for the whole Microsoft organization.

    2. In the MS Console (Azure) you can search for the Airtame Cloud PowerPoint app and grant access.

  • The PowerPoint app does not support any embedded videos, transitions or animations. If your slideshow has some transitions or animations, they will not be shown on the Airtame device, when the Airtame device is running the PowerPoint app.
    If you wish the transitions or animations to be shown, turn your PowerPoint presentation into a video file. Learn more in this article: Display presentation's as Airtame's background

  • Due to its implementations and Microsoft API's limitations, there is no way for the Airtame device to automatically display any changes made to the original PowerPoint file. If you want to have the changes in the presentations showing on the Airtame device, you would need to remove the PowerPoint app from the Airtame device's configuration and add it again, after the changes to the original presentation file have been made.

Do you have any questions?

You can write to us using the blue chat box in the lower right corner or send an email to [email protected] and we will be here to assist you.

If you are facing technical issues, remember to include Airtame device logs in your message.

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